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Pictures from Slovakia

June 29, 2009

Bratislava Old City :

Bratislava - Old City

I liked the statue of a the guy peering out of the well. Accidentally, a passer by was captured on the photo, not sure he’s aware of it )

Bratislava: Park

A park in Bratislava

Just a park with people walking leisurely, not sweating under European sun.

A square in Vienna:

Square in Vienna

I’m sure you can find professional images of Vienna in Google, but I couldn’t help taking this picture. Didn’t care  to inquire who the man on a horse is. Must be someone..

Bratislava – Presidential Palace:

Bratislava - Presidental Palace

Don’t have much to say – never been inside )

Bratislava: a square right in front of the Presidential Palace

Bratislava - a square right in front of the Presidental Palace

One of the places I liked most. During the daytime – sun rays, reflected by the water of the fountain, giving me a feeling of joy and comfort. During the night-time – a deserted, dark area (weird, isn’t it: I would expect such a place to be crowded anytime).

Bratislava – tram:

Bratislava - tram

This is how the city looks from the inside – just an ordinary shot taken by a bored tourist. Tried to feel myself “at home” )

Bratislava: Alžbetka

Bratislava - Alžbetka

Alžbetka – is a unique, antique style café, which is located inside the building (the entrance is on the right, under blue letters).  Alžbetka – is also the name of a character from Kundera’s “Laughable Loves”, which gave our café its literary flavour.

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  1. TALI permalink
    July 11, 2009 2:13 pm

    VERY beautiful pictures:)

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