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Crossing Europe by Car

July 7, 2009

Our next destination was Stuttgart, Germany. There are several ways of getting from Slovakia to Germany, one of which is driving through Czech (will I ever learn to spell this word?) Republic by car. Sure, this isn’t the shortest way, but who is looking for shortcuts when there is a lifetime opportunity to watch Europe passing by from a car’s window?


Slowly (you can’t really speed up on these Slovakian roads with their humps and potholes) but surely we approach Brno. The second-largest city in Czech Republic, famous for its university and many historical-cultural events, Brno hosts us for one night. Then we continue to Prague.


Prague… Ancient houses painted in the variety and vividness of colors in a wide spectrum, decorated with unique fretwork patterns. Squares and statues, museums and castles, fountains and bridges – the density of beauty per unit area is overwhelming! Three days are obviously not enough to absorb and digest this reality. It is like trying to study two volumes of a science manual in a summer, Israeli night – it’s a priori doomed to failure.


Next, heading to the homeland of the Grimm Brothers, we enter an autobahn. The highway runs across Germany, allowing me, the passenger, to view hues of green and yellow flora on both sides of the road. In the beginning, it is almost an illusion – weeping willows, pines, lined up like soldiers, mighty oaks and whatever on earth grows out there. I can see now where the German fairy tales come from. I can almost see friendly dwarfs and tiny elves saluting me.


By the fifth hour of drive, I’m longing for some urban environment. It is like living in a “yellow submarine”:


…”So we sailed up to the sun,
Till we found the sea of green,”…


The “sea of green” totally blocks Schwabach, Nürnberg, Lichtenau and other decent German cities from my sight.


By the end of the sixth hour, Stuttgart welcomes us. Qualified, cheerful personnel of a business style hotel gives me a chance to practice my German and enjoy mutual understanding with human beings for the first time in the last thirty-five days of my being in the Slovak and Czech Republic.

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