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The city that never sleeps

July 29, 2009

New York

The cultural and economical empire is stunning. Broad, grey streets without a single piece of green substance create, nevertheless, the strongest impression of life and vividness. Overwhelming sky-scrapers, huge neon ads, towers and shop windows envelop you and prompt to blend with the dynamic flow.


New York breaths you in and out at every step: its chilly breeze penetrates through the prism of the light morning drowse, reaches the core of your mind and ultimately revives your perception of the reality. Its emanated energy is almost tangible or perhaps it was my own state of happiness, which made me look at things from a certain angle. After sunset, however, the city wears a “dirty” mask, speaking in the most literal meaning of the word. The contrast between the virginal cleanliness of the morning streets and the impossible waste scattered along the side of the pavement in dumpsters or trash bags awaiting disposal is too striking to be unnoticed.


This is exactly how it should be – organized and chaotic at the same time: a fabulous mixture of styles, faces and colors. Sara Jessica Parker must be standing out there, right around the corner!

*      *      *

The streets in Manhattan are built grid-like. The avenues are parallel (5th, 7th, 9th etc) and the numbered streets cross these avenues in parallel (30th, 31st, 32nd st. etc). The 7th avenue, for example, crosses the 33rd street. Such organization prevents all chances of getting lost, at least in a sober state.

*       *       *

eagle 221

Pavement beach under the industrial sun. Sea of cars. Waves of urban dust.


Yes, this is how it looks like during the day: sinking in chaise lounges, people are spending their leisure time in the middle of the street, protected from traffic by security barricades. These wonderful chairs are universal – they prove to be equally good as nap-chairs, baby-soothing-chairs and many more. A simple and utilitarian solution for anyone who wishes to take a break in the middle of the day and watch the continual show of life on the streets of New York.

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