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Manhattan in pictures

August 3, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe

This is the Hard Rock cafe in the heart of Times Square, New York. I didn’t have a chance to go inside, but I had heard so much about it, that one glance and a camera shot made it almost perfect for me.

US army

I just couldn’t ignore this adorable, rigid senior in hi-hat. U.S Army? No, thank you sir, maybe next time.

innocent giants

This view is addicting: I couldn’t take my eyes of the innocent giants stretching up into the dome of heaven ))


West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, South Pacific and other legendary movies, shows and musicals are introduced to you on Broadway avenue!

The progressive versatility of the central and side streets of Manhattan is visibly culminated on this aorta-like avenue, which runs the full length of the borough.

pink fashion store

There are some very nice and stylish fashion stores, one of which is on view right in front of you )

business district

This is another view, which has captured my attention. It still does. Just look at these straight, rigid lines crossing the sky-scraper in black, separate strips in accord with the “zebra” strips below. Its neighbour, which front wall reflects the sun light, reminds me a brand new, shinning gadget. The beauty of precision and elegance is traced in most of the buildings in this business district.

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