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The Bright Side of Life

August 26, 2009

I just love this video:

Funny as it may seem, it demonstrates the acme of absurdity the idea of optimism can reach, how preposterous it can be!

Financial crisis, recession, unemployment and funemployment, people are losing their money, banks close, businesses suffer from sales slowdown. Global economy undergoes the worst crisis since 1930’s. No warranties can be made, but some say the situation stabilizes. But this is not the topic here, I’m not into financial debates. Not yet.

My question is, how do we stay afloat despite forced retrenchment and the general doom? Is it all so bad? I was born to a sanguine mother and a pessimistic father and, oh well, I haven’t taken my side yet. Guess it’s somewhere in the camp of passionate phlegmatics, cautiously fostering my ambitions ))

Said bacillus of optimism has made its way into my body and I stick to positivity while writing this post. If we’re kept indoors by whatever is  going on out there, cutting down expenses, let’s try and see the “bright side” of it. I made a brief internet research on some alluring home activities:

# Home theater (LED) projectors – all you need is a spare, clean wall. This is much better than an ordinary LCD screen, allowing you to run movies at home in considerable magnitude. In the means of cost and effectiveness, LCD monitors with LED-backlit are less dimensional and relatively expensive. There are these huge monitors like this one, but I presume you won’t be willing to ‘lodge’ this giant into your apartment )) It is an issue, indeed, whether a projector suits anyone and what are the cons and pros of having this device instead of a TV. I’m not a big fan of watching TV, but more into choosing my own DVDs. Hence is my adherence to projectors. A price, which ranges from $1000 to $4000 is still a major disadvantage, which, at first glance, may seem counter to my initial prerequisite. Here are some cheaper solutions, like Mitsubishi portable projector, but frankly, I would spend $500 on this one only as subject to emergency case )) I’d rather to wait till I can make this one-time investment, getting the right thing. A small projector with fixed lens (no zoom) and small image size definitely has its value as described in details by the reviewer. But no way as a home cinema projector. It must be all or nothing to me.

The web is gnat-infested with benevolent advice about how to kill your time in the most pernicious way. Cocktail-parties, running offensives in civilization 5, knitting, archery… anymore, anyone? The popularity of these counterpart articles kind of augments my coefficient of disturbance.

I made the above euphemism, partly, as a self-reminder to refrain from occupying too much cyberspace with this shit. It also happened to be a preamble to my next home activity )

japanese tea set# Japanese tea ceremony – all you need is some inexpensive (it’s up to you, of course, but we’re talking in terms of retrenchment, remember?) equipment and friends willing to cooperate. The key aspect is the atmosphere you create.

Technical part is simple. Grab some Japanese tea set, like the one shown here, use a neat map and chairs (doesn’t necessarily have to be cushions – unless you’re an incorrigible masochist). Putting away dirty socks, personal garbage, remains of food and anything that imparts unique coziness to your place is, unfortunately, an integral part of creating the said atmosphere. You can always restore it the next day.

Traditional outfit, table manners, sitting technique and other details is what makes it a perfect rite. Some specifics (like using chopsticks and laying out the right food) might be crucial, while others (like the ‘sitting techniques’) can be dismissed with a clear conscience. Chairs approved, chairs endorsed! To keep it moderately Japanese, put on some Beatles in the background: your newly-transformed friends will appreciate the spirit.

*       *       *

I considered these two ideas worth of being published. The Japanese thing can be swapped for any other historical/cultural event or tradition, Caligula will do as well )

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  1. Орна permalink
    September 1, 2009 12:46 pm

    Привет:) Видео не проигрывается – присоедени, пожалуйста, ссылочку на youtube.. for me:)

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