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Of Malls and Men

September 3, 2009

It’s hard for me to say what was the incentive to dedicate a post to malls, especially when I’m trying to avoid spending time in one. I guess, it is their amazing similarity that had drawn my attention in the first place. Same can be said about large mega food stores, but shopping malls give me a higher aesthetic value )

This is nowise a comparative analysis, but just an idle overview.

What are your associations with the word itself? I can’t escape an image of a huge collage of shops, people, lights and cinema halls, stairs and elevators.


A decent, bright and spacious mall on the picture above.

Have another one:


There is nothing peculiar about this mall, it looks like his worldwide incubator siblings.

Being surrounded by walls circumscribes you in a certain way, but funnily enough, protects from heat and rain. My main dislike of malls underlies in the high chances of my being hopelessly involved in the going-around-just-to-take-a-look process. Guilty as charged! I’m strongly convinced, though, it has happened to everyone at least once in their ‘mall-wise’ life… otherwise, I see no commercial justification for having these terrariums built at all.

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