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Terra incognita…

September 20, 2009

May be pleasant, may be tolerable, may become a nightmare.


Hearing about somebody’s adventures on undisclosed islands, exotic lands and far-away countries seem alluring and amusing and might even arouse a stab of jealousy – get me one too!


But what do you really know about these road warriors? Are you familiar with the life of a business-traveler? One flight over the ocean is enough to introduce you to Mr. Jet Lag and present the amenities vs inconveniences of life in hotels, service apartments or long-term rented apartments – the “inevitable companions”, I call them.


It’s all a matter of budget, after all. Living high on the hog or suffer accommodation issues – it is up to you or your boss to find the golden balance. Travel accommodation can be an issue indeed, even for the worst and incorrigible computer-freaks, inseparable from their laptops. Apparently, fast internet connection is not all that really matters. I was quite perplexed to find, for instance, that there was not a single table in one of the unenviable apartments we were staying in Russia. Makes you laugh, huh? It makes me too, now, but not back then, when I was desperately trying to seize the muse, huddled up on the floor with the laptop burning my knees and brain off. To add insult to injury, there was no ADSL plug in this dorky place, bringing me back in those days in 1997 to the sound of a neighing-coughing snark and a 56k modem nostalgia. To hell with nostalgia, give me a break.


Now let’s peep into another place I happened to stay in. A spacious, newly-built house, lacking signs of elegance or grace. Stones and furniture – this is how a dilettante would probably describe it )

Here is a miscellaneous assemblage of the “little-inconveniences-of-my-temporary-place”. Nothing, not even my professional indifference could save me from this unattractiveness.


stupaveTake a look at the picture on the left. This is an image of a kitchen, precisely a kitchen hood placed above the stove burners. Take a note: the left outer corner of the hood is located in such  a way, that your head will sure as hell bump in it, the minute you try and look inside the pot or whatever is standing there on the farther left stove burner. Which actually means, that you should keep yourself from using the said burner in the first place.



kitchen stupava

Another image on your right demonstrates a refrigerator (with  a broken handle), which proved to be badly located, too far from any possible surface to temporarily shelter the queue of whatever-I-put-in there. Mostly food (except when I’m very tired and inappropriate items find their way into the fridge as well). Being a wife and a mother, inevitably and progressively augments my involvement in this part of the house. At least, I expect to be remunerated with tolerable kitchen-conditions.


bathroom, Stupava

The last photo on your left presents a small bathroom, peculiarly, the distance of about 15cm between its open door and the opposite wall. Behind the open door is a sink, which was frequently used by me to wash the baby and make this world a cleaner place. What marvels me is, the excessive, unnecessary parsimony of whoever planned this place. Considering the magnitude of the whole building, couldn’t you, guys, apportion another 20cm to this lovely room and spare me the ‘pleasure’ of subtle maneuvers with a baby under my arm?




*       *       *

It all doesn’t really matter as longs as it is temporary… Slowly but surely turning a blind eye to the “little inconveniences” becomes a life habit . Doesn’t seem like I have too much of a choice, do I? Nothing is sacred, nothing is worth too much worry or attention. It’s not mine  anyway, so why bother? ‘Traveler Syndrome’ helps me stay in balance and accept the current reality in healthy proportion. I still cherish my dream of ‘home, sweet home’, hopefully before ze Germans get here

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